How can I list my actual screening practices on my listing?2015-09-23T05:37:23-04:00

You can list your screening practices by selecting an enhanced listing package.  You can also post your actual policies and other HR documents for public access.

I haven’t claimed my listing yet, but it is already partially populated. Why?2015-09-15T15:59:33-04:00

We collect publicly available screening information on employers and populate listings with this data.  It is important for employers to claim their listing and complete their screening profile so that their listing is accurate.

How can I increase my C-Screen™ Rating?2015-08-27T10:07:27-04:00

Employers can increase their C-Screen™ Rating by implementing additional screening practices.

Is there a cost to use C-Screen™?2015-08-20T09:30:45-04:00

There is no cost to consumers to access the website and directory or for employers to create a profile and C-Screen™ Rating.

Can employers exaggerate their screening practices and thus inflate their score?2015-08-20T09:28:19-04:00

Employers must complete and electronically sign an authorization form confirming that the information provided is accurate. Further, we contact each employer to review their profile submission.

Why are there 5-Star category ratings in addition to the C-Screen™ Rating?2015-08-24T15:52:50-04:00

Each main category (employment, background and substance abuse) has a 0-5 Star rating to give consumers a quick view at the categories that are important to them.

Is C-Screen™ a user review site like Yelp or Angie’s List?2015-08-20T09:25:26-04:00

C-Screen™ Ratings are based on objective information and a mathematical algorithm, not user reviews.

What is the green “Verified” icon on a listing?2015-09-05T12:45:22-04:00

We collect publicly available screening information on employers and populate listings with this data.  The green “Verified” icon indicates that the employer has claimed the listing.

Do you publish the details on how the C-Screen™ Rating is calculated?2015-08-20T09:20:24-04:00

The C-Screen™ Rating system is proprietary and we do not disclose how the information is weighted in the calculation.

How is the Rating calculated?2015-09-05T12:47:02-04:00

The C-Screen ™ Rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that considers a company’s employment, background and substance abuse screening practices. The algorithm is specific to each industry and is based on best practices. Screening practices are weighted differently for each industry. For example, home health company screening practices are much different than transportation.

What is the C-Screen™ Rating System?2015-09-04T08:21:59-04:00

C-Screen™ is the first and only web directory and rating system that shows how well employers screen their employees.