What Is C-Screen?

C-Screen.org is a business directory that provides an at-a-glance rating of how extensively a business screens their employees. The rating evaluates three categories: Eligibility to work, Criminal Background, and Substance Use. C-Screen.org helps consumers to make educated decisions when choosing a business, and helps employers to identify shortfalls in their employee screening processes that can leave them vulnerable to financial losses through employee theft or negligence.

What Is A C-Screen Rating?

In the illustration below, Angelmakers has an overall C-Screen rating of 80, based on their industry standards. Each 5-star rating addresses a different area of focus. As you can see, they verify employment eligibility very thoroughly. They lost some points for criminal background screening, which can leave them vulnerable to issues like employee theft. Their shortcomings in substance abuse screening could leave Angelmakers vulnerable to workplace safety issues along with many other potential problems.