What does C-Screen do?

It is the first and only system that provides an objective rating of an organization based on their hiring practices. Our patented risk assessment tool processes available data on how employers screen their applicants. Knowing what a company looks at when hiring gives you unprecedented insight when you are making decisions about what businesses to deal with in matters that affect your home, family and life. Watch this quick video illustration of the C-Screen concept to see just what we mean.

A Closer Look at a C-Screen Rating


In this illustration, this business has an overall C-Screen rating of 88, based on their industry standards. Each 5-star rating addresses a different area of focus. As you can see, they verify employment eligibility very thoroughly. They lost some points for criminal background screening, which can leave them vulnerable to issues like employee theft. Their shortcomings in substance abuse screening could leave this company vulnerable to workplace safety issues along with many other potential problems.